The Crossing - group exhibition
January 30  - April 13, 2024

 Crossing geographic locations, crossing oceans, crossing intersections of culture. This latest exhibition covers broad territory, bringing artists together from Aotearoa/New Zealand, Australia, United States of America, the Philippines, Scotland and Italy. Traditionally, to combat geographic isolation, many New Zealand artists would make the pilgrimage to Europe to experience history-book art and architecture first-hand. 

With the growing influence of American contemporary art, film and music, many New Zealand artists are now drawn to the United States. However, for the majority of Americans, experiencing the creative output of Aotearoa/New Zealand continues to be mysterious and distant. Isolation is a state of mind, and these works from various places around the world show related aesthetic and conceptual sensibilities, whether it be text, image, symbol or form. 

Weaving through the 30 works in this exhibition are snaking lines and partially submerged messages. Similar to a group virtual reality game, there are opportunities for discovery and connection. The destination may be unknown, but when it comes down to it, it’s all about the collective journey.

The exhibition includes artworks by Gerald Barnett, Anthony Behrens, Giorgio de Chirico, Craig Collier, Matthew CouperAlan DavieMark DutcherTony FitzpatrickPhilip GustonPeter Ireland, Nikolai Kokx, Tony de LautourWarwick McLeod,  Stephen Parkes, Sam PenasoJK Russ, Dan Sidlow, Chloe Smith and Jevijoe Vitug