Contemporary Feelings - group exhibition
April 20 - 28, 2024

Contemporary Feelings invites viewers into the unique perspectives of Generation Z artists as they navigate and interpret the complexities of modern society. Through the exhibition, these seven young creators offer a fresh take on cultural appreciation, the fear of violence, various forms of love, and the transformative power of dreams. Additionally, Contemporary Feelings serves as a space that blurs the boundaries between traditional and contemporary art forms, notably highlighting textile art as a significant medium alongside "fine art." Crochet, once seen as a domestic craft, emerges as a powerful tool for creation. 

Artist Leilu employs crochet to explore erotica within Sapphic love, infusing her work with intimacy and empowerment. Naes uses textile mediums in her artwork to delve into the dynamics of community and the Black experience, offering reflections on identity and heritage. Haide celebrates her cultural roots through textile art, utilizing unconventional materials like corn husks to preserve and honor her heritage. Meanwhile, Montaysia's vibrant paintings transport viewers into dreamscapes of positivity, offering a respite from the chaos of reality. Max confronts the fear of gun violence through playful imagery and digital artifacts, prompting contemplation on societal issues. Mak delves into the psychological realm of violence, confronting global fears with visceral honesty. Finally, Miles reimagines hope through serene artworks and tea elixirs, inviting viewers to find tranquility amidst life's turbulence. 

By intertwining diverse mediums and themes, this exhibition not only showcases the talent of Generation Z but also invites all audiences to engage with their perspectives and experiences. From crochet to canvas, from family narratives to societal commentary, each artwork offers a window into the contemporary culture, bridging generational divides and fostering understanding in an ever-evolving world.

Contemporary Feelings is curated by Montaysia Sims.